Emily Rose Wallace

Mother of a beautiful 10 month old baby girl, 20 years old, Cat Mommy, Spiritual Science, and crystal lover.♥

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Medela Contact Nipple Shield, Medium Review
review by Emily Rose Wallace
I love this product so much! it helped my breastfeeding journey. My daughter was born premature so it was very hard for her to get the whole latch thing down. But with this she started to latch on ...

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8 Answers
PurpleLover answered:
I love to shop for makeup and laundry detergent at the drugstores. It's cheaper and it's always a sale on it. Lol
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3 Answers
Shelby Kenney answered:
My son has a couple favorites Sophie (we got the one with the handles because it was easier for him to hold onto when he was younger) But it has different textures on the handles. The banana has th...
5 Answers
Ron RJ Rush answered:
I do not have cats but my daughter does and her dogs and cats eat royal canin pet food. They love it and it smells great. They have all  the vitamins that your pet needs in this food. I use the ro...
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Janavi answered:
My favorite is definitely Pokemon X