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Mother of 4, wife, photographer :)
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ccsoundguy answered:
I think those little cap things are dangerous because they breed germs like crazy. Your toothbrush needs to air out each day. I like this first one because it won't break and doesn't take up valuab...
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meg jean cook answered:
  Anything DIY making Jewelry is so fun, Markers glitter ect girls LOVE! 
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I used to have a green apple scented polish. I just loved it, the color was awesome and it smelled great. It was so long ago I cannot remember what brand it was but here is a green apple one I foun...
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Joni Hoffman answered:
Just two days ago, my neighbor went to the store for me and when he got home, he had some colored light bulbs. He runs them 24/7 on his plants and swears it works. I think I would prefer these thou...