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Mother of 4, wife, photographer :)
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Justine Kinch answered:
    We made some years ago out of marine plywood.  We screwed stakes in the back and added shading to make them look three dimensional.  Over 20 years and we still have them.  We put a few of these...
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ccsoundguy answered:
With all the fancy cleaners on the market, my wife and I found that old-fashioned Come works wonders. We have older toilets that are the cheapy ones to begin with. The stains were not coming out wi...
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 nothing too regularly yet! Just some prenatals when i think of it!  Definitely need to be more consistent with taking them though, I am still nursing my youngest and most days i am so wiped out fr...
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I am so sorry you lost your cross. Now that I think about it I wonder if I still have mine that my grandmother gave me. It has been so long since I have worn it and now if I do have it, its likely ...
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ccsoundguy answered:
Here are a couple of nice ones for reasonable pricesNot sure if you need a girls one or a boys one, or one good for both but here's a cute one for little girls
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grandma6999 answered:
Save Brands Beer Savers Silicone Rubber Bottle Cap (6 Pack), Multi-color from amazon
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I recommend going to the dollar store because they have some awesome trail mix packs and even healthy bars that you guys can eat as snacks through out the day. Also add more fruits and vegetables i...