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Mother of 4, wife, photographer :)
Pumpkin Picking Sensory Bin
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article by Danylle Taylor
My three year old daughter has sensory processing disorder. We learned about sensory boxes from out therapists! This article will be the first of many DIY themed sensory bins! With Halloween around...
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6 Answers
Joni Hoffman answered:
I read these when I have my grandkids over for sleepovers. They love it and then talk about them when they go home showing they did like them.  
Plagiarizing on Shopswell
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article by Danylle Taylor
As you can see from the excerpt below, plagiarizing is against Shopswells rules.Plagiarism- The practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as your own.I have had quite a f...
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Victoria M answered:
  I like the look of a riding boot or a small combat bootie.  I am also a HUGE ugg fan! Have you heard of the website 6pm.com? They sell great brands at amazing prices ( think tjmaxx) I have purcha...
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6 Answers
ccsoundguy answered:
Here are a couple of nice ones for reasonable pricesNot sure if you need a girls one or a boys one, or one good for both but here's a cute one for little girls
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A list of spectacular teapots
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6 Answers
Justine Kinch answered:
    We made some years ago out of marine plywood.  We screwed stakes in the back and added shading to make them look three dimensional.  Over 20 years and we still have them.  We put a few of these...
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6 Answers
Brandy answered:
My girls loved this one. They actually found most of it about two months ago and were using it...still had the black crayons with it, over 20 years old.