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Garnier Fructis Leave-In Conditioning Cream Color Shield 10.2 oz. Review
review by Desiree Solomon
This leave in conditioner has been spot on.... Im always looking for new product to try for my hair and well you know My hair has never looked nor felt as good as it has since I have been using thi...
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2012 Warner Vineyards Peach & Honey Wine 750 mL Review
review by Desiree Solomon
So with this review Id like to say that I defiently have ro say I recommend this wine 100% sweet tasting of the right amount of Peach and Honey to taste!!!I recently returned from a wine tasting an...
Jelly Belly BeanBoozled Jelly Beans 3.5 oz Mystery Bean Dispenser Review
review by Desiree Solomon
So I wanted to review on this game.... Get roped into playing it on our 2.5 hr roadtrip home...... I wont lie the thought of it turned my stomach but thought why not!!!!Russian Jelly bean roulette ...
Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray, 12 Ounce Review
review by Desiree Solomon
Looking for a good hairspray well here you go.... I absolutely love this brand!!! Does its job not sticky and defiently not heavy like some.... You can normally find it in stores at a decent price ...

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4 Answers
Debi Segal answered:
 This is the best leave-in conditioner I've ever used. It smells like heaven and my hair isn't crazypants.
4 Answers
Ive been here since June 3rd. What about you?
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4 Answers
i love this! i might have to order me one of these as well
Can't go wrong with Music
article by Desiree Solomon
       Wanted to drop in and talk about some love for music.... I grew up listening to all music but was mainly raised up on Country Music now don't get me wrong I know that Country Music isn't for...
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3 Answers
Justine Kinch answered:
 These wear well and I've had a pair for over 5 years now.  Still loving them.  And they are on sale now.  I did search Amazon for you first, but did not find what you were looking for under $40.
Yankee Candles
article by Desiree Solomon
 So as I sit here right now and ponder on the weekend I can't help but think of all the smells that I had occurred over Sunday when we took a trip to the mall.... I have a want to visit that store ...
1 Answer
Joni Hoffman answered:
I love Women Within for buying. I got mine there. They have some for every size and color on many of them.