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I love this stuff. Video games I still play (too much)
Modovo Hamburger Design Washable Pet House Dog House Cat House (15.74 X 14.56 X 11.81 inches)
review by Delancy Stephens
Totally unnecessary right? Cats are already sure they own everything! LOL. But we love them, and THEY love THIS!  The cat burger bed is perfect....they love to roll in it, play with it...and peek o...
Pet Costume Lion Mane Wig for a Cat
review by Delancy Stephens
Outrageous. Hysterical. Borderline abuse of pet-love. When I saw this, I knew I needed to have one. I generally keep all the photos hidden away except for when blackmail is the only reason my cat w...
Super Smash Bros. - Nintendo Wii U Review
review by Delancy Stephens
Frenetic chaos! Sometimes a girls just wants to mindlessly punch, shoot, smash, chomp and kick ass too.  This is honestly a silly game that let's me and my posse sit and punch away while we sit, ta...

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Work out
Strength and curves. 
Splatoon WiiU Video Game - Review
review by Delancy Stephens
Love this, especially the competitive mode. Feels super fun to have random teams of awesome players from around the world play together 24/7. Splatoon is a fun game where your character and her/his...
Generic Pet Costume Lion Mane Wig for Cat - Review
review by Delancy Stephens
Not sure what to say about this really. It's another thing that I know I shouldn't really do, but...Cats crack me up. this is a funny way to dress your's up...and never fear if you join me. We are ...
41zummd1 fl
Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak, Envy, 12-Feet Review
review by Delancy Stephens
Southern California has some pluses. The weather is one of them. I love getting out on the ocean, nothing leaves me feeling more connected, or balanced. So many beautiful little coves to paddle aro...
Shewee Extreme in Pink Review
review by Delancy Stephens
We're supposed to get out there right!? The Great Outdoors! Well ladies, if you're getting out there, and at all like me, this little baby is worth its weight in gold. The Shewee is another one of ...
Cat burger bed 0
Cat Hamburger Bed ~ You Shouldn't But Might Anyway :)
review by Delancy Stephens
There are some things, when you see them, you think, "No way! REALLY!" A pet bed, shaped like a hamburger bun? seriously?....and then you look at your cat, and you think, "yep! you T...