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BETSYSGOLD answered:
 Watched Jurassic World. movie. It was great.
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boodreeau answered:
I have a bad habit of eating ice whenever I can, it is bad for teeth but I am addicted to that and brushing my teeth all day with wisps and just grabbing whatever for snacks without thinking.
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maryanno answered:
I don't Think you are to old but you should talk it over with your doctor first and if he gives the ok then go for it but again talk to your doctor first
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Megan Tilley answered:
You could  bake cookies, you could make face or body scrubs, picture frames, personalized ornaments, plates and coffee mugs.
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I'm actually writing an article about it! It's taking a while though because I'm always busy haha
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Horrors movies but use a theme like halloween perhaps.
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Justine Kinch answered:
On Sat. I'm going to volunteer in a Kilted Car Wash!  The men and ladies wear kilts or Celtic garb and wash the cars for a donation.  It's at an Arby's so we can go inside if we need too.  But it m...
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l1velif3 answered:
Write engaging content  and create helpful shopping lists with atleast 10 items in each .. Share them on every possible social media platform to promote them .. Follow people get followers ... Answ...
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Ron RJ Rush answered:
You click on a persons name and open it to their profile page.  Than you add them by clicking on the FOLLOW tab.
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kristynshay answered:
Well first thing is i get up and make my man something to eat before he leaves for work then lay back down then wheen I get back up I get me a can of pop ( which im not supposed to have) if the bab...
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Maybe a bark collar? Most of them have a vibration setting and will not harm the dog, it will just scare them. Or maybe try a spray bottle?