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jordismomdawn answered:
Days is the best it will be on in 30 minutes I take my lunch hour to watch it, I am addicted when I can't watch it I tape it so I can watch it when I get homw
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You can go to pet smart and they can help you train your dog 
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I started the day after Christmas when everything went on sale :)
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PurpleLover answered:
The perfect one would be an easy homemade pizza I make with the kids. I usually get the Grands biscuits and roll them out, top it with marinara, cheese and whatever the kids wants. We do the grands...
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Mary Murch answered:
I think I would want to go back to be 25 to spend time with my oldest daughter and not work as much back then, I think it would be important to be with her more and work less. @dchampagne 
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Min Min answered:
Making treats is the new thing. I have seen many molds for dog treats but not so much for cats. I can imagine things being pricey with multiple cats and I know for sure that cats like treats. 
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Autumn Handy answered:
Try those new downey stoppables !!    We make our own laundry soap  ( since we had an extra adult plus 2 kids staying here and the laundry issue was just stupid ...i watched the same blankets go th...
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dchampagne asked the community
What cheers you up?
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My niece, nephews, and my cat! 
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Megan Tilley answered:
I listen to it all from blue grass, hip hop, fifties, countrt, top 20, rock, Christian I think it depends on my mood.
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Justine Kinch answered:
This really is a great site!  I got my granddaughter over $110.00 dollars worth of clothes for free!  Yes, I said FREE!  And you are supporting schools with your purchase.  Have clothes that don't ...
Lemon Men's Zip Up Aqua Socks Blue Water Shoes 10 D(M) US Review
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review by dchampagne
These water shoes are my family's favorite.  These are the best for the beach. they are so comfortable and affordable.These are somewhat like the ones I own, almost.  mine are more purple and thinn...
Img 6706
Pokemon Pikachu All The Way.......
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article by dchampagne
( I had to created a story, article on this subject and try to write from young age and some other wild parts, but I think it came out alright and I even sent it in. Who knows, but this article pos...