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9 Essential Pieces of Fitness Gear for Home Workouts
list by Dave
Here's the list of home workout gear we use in my household to maintain fitness (and to train functionally for sports and family adventures). The features and qualities I look for when buying fit...
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33 Essential Road Cycling Upgrades, Accessories & Tools
list by Dave
If you're a road cyclist, whether recreational or racer, here's a list of 33 upgrades for your bike, for yourself and for your tool kit to make your riding better, safer and to keep your bike runni...
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Top 25 Star Wars Fan Gifts
list by Dave
Now or vader, you'll be faced with a difficult choice. What to get for the Star Wars fan in your life. You've been wooking in alderaan places, but don't boba fret, we won't let you go solo on this....

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Books That Make Great Gifts
list by Dave
If you're looking for a great read to gift to a friend (or yourself), here's a short list of classics, new era novels and bestsellers to choose from.
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15 Father's Day Gift Ideas
list by Dave
This is the one time every year to say "thanks" to your Dad, so make it great! (Then go back to being an ungrateful burden the rest of the year.) I keed...I keed.... :D
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The Ultimate Geeky Goofball Father's Day Gift List
list by Dave
If you're Dad's a cornball, goofball, a zombie geek, party animal or just a ton of fun to hang out with, here are some gift ideas to show him your love...or lack of good taste. :D