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iPhone 6S Case, caseen
review by Crystal Norton
I love my new Caseen phone case. This case is awesome. It is very stlyish like a little wallet, It feature's a few slit's on the other side of the phone for credit cards or ID cards. It has a magne...
Proteove Pack of 2 Silicone Oven Mitts
review by Crystal Norton
I am a homemake so I am always cooking breakfast lunch dinner baking a birthday cake etc. well I have to say I am prone to getting burned I have tried many different mittens but I have never tried ...
Nike kd 8 ocean fog release details 03
Boys Nike Shoes
article by Crystal Norton
My son will only wear Nike basketball players shoes like KD,Micheal Jordan ETC.They are really great shoes I bought my son  a pair of Nike KD shoes In aug right befor school started back up for the...
Running Belt Waist Pack, 4.7"
review by Crystal Norton
Today I am reviewing my new Running belt for my Iphone 6. It come's in the color Black. It's very protective in it's clear casing.It is safefrom moisture while in it's casing. It is very easy to us...
Know the Way to Santa's House with This Rustic Painted
review by Crystal Norton
This rusted on the way to the North Pole sign is a really great and vary cute to add to our Christmas is very well-made the colors are very bright and vibrant also with the rusted lo...
Spring Time
article by Crystal Norton
Yes everone it is spring. Where all the plants start to grow the trees are green and the rain starts to pour.I love the warmer weather that spring brings and the pretty flowers but I am not a fan o...
Who likes to fish?
article by Crystal Norton
Who likes to fish? Well my kids and I have never been.My kids have been asking so this year we are going to take them fishing. I dont no how this is going to work out.I know I will not touch a fish...
New Table
article by Crystal Norton
I have had my same kitchen table for over 9 years now and it still looks pretty good.But it just dont match my kitchen anymore since we moved. We have been buying new stuff for the house when we ha...
545 sunny pool
Summer Time Pool Time
article by Crystal Norton
Yes its almost that time of the year where it will be Hot Hot Hot.We will all want to cool down some how and who dose not love to swim in a nice cool pool its always hard to get that a pool.So why ...
Diy rope wrapped wedding centerpiece
Centerpieces Makes Tables Look Pretty
article by Crystal Norton
Centerpieces akes tables look nice.Are you have a party or a get together or do you just want your table to look nice and fancy add a really pretty center pieces to any of your tables and it would ...
Who Hates Painting There Nails
article by Crystal Norton
Do you hate painting your nails ever 2-3 days? I know I do when painting your nails they always chip after day 2 most of the time and it takes along time to paint your nails while you sit there and...
Formal Hunting With Crystal
article by Crystal Norton
Well let me start off with how pettie I am.So when I go shopping its hard to find anything that fits me the right way. While Yes I  know I can get clothes  alternated it just cost to much the cloth...
Prom Time
article by Crystal Norton
The time for prom is coming where parants and teens get  dress-related anxiety. Relax and take a deep breath with me getting dress for prom is fun.I have picked up a few prom dresses that are hot t...
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meal containers
review by Crystal Norton
I am reveiwing sustain meal containers , at first sight I thought they were going to be no good but after I let my family use a few of them the were very pleased with them. My children loved them,T...
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beach ball
review by Crystal Norton
I Just got finished playing with these beach balls with my children and they are actually really good quality. My older kids are a little rough on there toys and they were hitting these balls and k...
Dream house
review by Crystal Norton
I got this KidKraft Mansion for my 5 year old for christmas.She is 42 in tall and this mansion is taller then her its really big but I like that its so big makes it seem you get your money worth I ...