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Vassarette Women's Spin Slip
review by Crystal Norton
This slip was a really great fit for me.It dose not stick to your body to me its hard to find a good slip that will not stick to you but I am not a fan of wearing dresses with out one.This slip was...
MIXMAX Bohemian Lace Splice Loose Tunic Dress (Small, Bluish Violet) Review
review by Crystal Norton
I loved this dress I am 4,11 and I ordered a size small and it works great for me.It is thin So i wear it with a slip. It comes in other colors but I got the blue. You can wear this all year around...
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Bohemian Flare outfit
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Clothing Shoes & Jewelry
After having three kids I started letting myself go.I would just wears a pair of jean and Tshirt with sneakers.But this year I told myself that I was going to get my self back together and start ta...
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Beer Brewing
Home Brewing & Wine Making
Home & Kitchen
Kitchen & Dining
Did you know that april 7 is National Beer Day. Its celebrated here in the U.S.A ever year on the same day because it marks the day prohibiting alcohol in the U.S.A Back in 1933. It was signed into...
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Acne Treatment for Face & Pore Minimizer Serum -
review by Crystal Norton
I have had acne since I was 13 years old I am now a adult.Even in my adulthood I have still suffer from acne and blackheads. I also have clogged up pores right under my eyes.I recently had the oppo...
Stainless Steel Insulated Water
review by Crystal Norton
I am reviewing my brand new Go Active Go Bottle. At first sight it seemed larger thanI would like but the size was actually helpful with the amount of water I could carry. Mineis a very pretty blue...
review by Crystal Norton
This is the first eyelash curler I have ever owned when I always did my make up I never did anything with my eyelashes I just never thought there was a recently I started learning how to ...
ProBody Pilates Ring
review by Crystal Norton
Today I am reviewing the ProBody Pilates Fitness Circle. First thing I am not a diehard excersie person but I liked this product, I got a few minutes away from my children and starting using the fi...
Selfie Stick with Wireless Bluetooth
review by Crystal Norton
I am reviewing the Snapstick ( Mini pocket selfie stick). I am in love with this thing. I have a go pro and used this stick all weekend sledding in the snow with my children. Not once did I have an...
Cheftime Kitchenware Professional Silicone Grip
review by Crystal Norton
Today I am reveiwing my new Cheftime Kitchenware Hand Mixer. I used this mixer almost as soon as I received it. I like to bake cakes and goodies as a hobby and this mixer did the trick. It has a ni...
Lightning Charging Cable for iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6 plus, 6s
review by Crystal Norton
Today I received my new Charge Electronics usb Charger and Sync Cable. I mainly purchased this item to have a car charger. So far it works just like my original charger. I have an iPhone 6S and eve...
Great White Ice Whiskey Stones -
review by Crystal Norton
I just got my new Great White Ice stainless steel whiskey stones. It comes with 6 ice cubes and holding case and some tongs. I put them in my freezer for about 2 hours and then in my cup of whiskey...
Premium Silicone Wedding Band
review by Crystal Norton
I am reviewing my new Versaring. It fit's very comfortable to be made from a plastic. I wore it to work at first but I forgot to take it off, So I ended up wearing it for a few day's before realizi...
Hydra Armour Premium Adult Swim Goggles
review by Crystal Norton
Today I am reviewing my new Longsail swimming goggles. I let my oldest child wear them at the YMCA in there pool. He loved them!! He did'nt want to share them. They fit better than any other pair o...
article by Crystal Norton
So let me tell you I go on many cruise and i love it and when your hook on sailing away on a ship. You you want to buy as much stuff related to cruiseing to make you seem like you are there I have ...
2016 Prom Dress
article by Crystal Norton
The time for prom is coming where parants and teens get  dress-related anxiety. Relax and take a deep breath with me getting dress for prom is fun.I have picked up a few prom dresses that are hot t...