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Vernors Ginger Soda (Ale) Review
review by Coca Bonilla
I love the diet. So crisp and delicious. I used for making a cake and came out with a ginger taste .I think you should try this in a bake sale. Alot of people asked for the recipie. It's not but tw...

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2 Answers
ccsoundguy answered:
It's kind of hard to pick poetry for someone else, since everyone's preferences can be so vastly different. But I went to Barnes & Noble to look at their new releases in poetry and found this o...
2 Answers
Recently I started dieting again so I think it will just be fruit and salad for me. Besides I have to work so no big plans for cooking out!!
2 Answers
Autumn Handy answered:
Haven't thought about it yet but thinking RIBS on the fire out back 
2 Answers
Min Min answered:
Hi. I toke my son to the doctor and shopping for his graduation shoes tomarrow. 
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2 Answers
Crystal Bell answered:
 Take Biotin vitamins and put coconut oil in it 1-2 days a week!
4 Answers
Kyra Brown answered:
You could always take up babysitting, or if you have a bunch of things you know longer use have a nice Big yard sale. Or you could spend all day on Shopswell and earn money like crazy and then cash...
3 Answers
Mary Murch answered:
My favorite hang out is my back yard or my computer room hanging with my shopswell peeps. 
5 Answers
meg jean cook answered:
 Crosses of course maybe a scene from the bible but anything I can think of to "make it look" religious would also make it look really fake . Just do your yard how you are seeing it in yo...
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28 Answers
Crystal Bell answered:
 I like to eat the trail mix with fruit and nuts! Very yummy too yet healthy.