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Jerome Russell Punky Colour Cream Lagoon Blue Review
review by cheyannek
amazing color, vibrant finish. color stays for a long time. easy to apply. I highly recommend it because of this, it doesn't smell yucky. I recommend bleaching your hair before applying though so t...
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Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise Hair Dye 4 fl oz Review
review by cheyannek
I LOVE THIS!! when I had my hair blue I used this along with punky colors to create the blue I wanted. it was easy to use just brush on wait and wash out and it was there in your hair. it lasted a ...

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1 Answer
when my kids go to bed at night i give advil and tylenol at the start of a cough. if it persists for a few days i go to the doctor and get a prescription. it doesn't hurt to put baby vapor rub on c...
2 Answers
Laura Epps answered:
3 not my favorite. :-\ Hopefully they do some tweaking to the new layout.
2 Answers
jennie111585 answered:
I would use splat. I used there pink fetish color and it came out real nice. Sorry the picture is a little dark and blury. Here is the red color they offer. And I believe they also offer another re...
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3 Answers
Lori Oates answered:
Here are some that you might want to try.
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8 Answers
Victoria M answered:
Check out my list of Mo willems books, and my teacher favorites.  There I have listed some of my favorite books for the little ones. Mo Willems is an excellent author.  The books are very easy to r...
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3 Answers
Shelby Kenney answered:
Babyganics is my favorite for my ginger baby. Works really well, didnt get burnt and i didnt stay in shade when my husband had an all day softball game. UVA + UVB protection & water resistant (...