Keep Kids Moving
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fitness for kids
Exercise Videos
Exercise & Fitness
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exercise for kids
It's important to teach your kids the importance of exercise for life. Starting young will hopefully build the habit of exercise in them.
Kid's Archery Sets
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Youth Bow Sets
Hunting & Fishing
Personally, I believe kids need to stay active and quit spending so much time on electronics. These archery sets can be a lot of fun for the kids, and at the same time teaches them practical surviv...
Kitchen Knives
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I am one of those guys who loves to eat. And, since I was older when I finally got married (39), I figured if I wanted to eat good, I had to learn to cook!  One thing I quickly learned was that a g...
Deocrative Fans
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What do you do when you need some air circulation and don't want an ugly box fan sitting around? Try one of these Deco Breeze Fans. They can sit out as part of your decor and still be useful in pro...
Time to Mow: Choosing the Right Lawn Mower
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It's that time of year - when the grass grows almost faster than you can keep up with it! At least, that's the way it is where I live.  I live in a tropical area, so summer brings the rains that ma...
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3 Answers
Joni Hoffman answered:
I always take it to the mattress stores. Sam's Club is good too.  I have even ordered one from Amazon for the spare room before I left Arkansas and it was a truly nice set  I got this one. I hear t...
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3 Answers
Terry Hoover answered:
The higher the thread count the more luxurious the sheets. the lower the number the coaser and rougher the feel of the sheet.
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2 Answers
Lori Oates answered:
I have my father's flag in a case as well, sitting on my mantle. Here are 2 suggestions from Amazon.
Jolly Time Yellow Popcorn Kernels - Gluten Free Stovetop Popping Corn, 2 lb. Bags (Pack of 12) Review
review by ccsoundguy
If you love popcorn, then you should really try Jolly Time in the bag.  For a long time we've been buying another brand in a jar because it was all we could find in our stores. Then we learned that...
Oreo Golden Thins With Lemon Cream, 10.1 Ounce ( Pack Of 2 ) Review
review by ccsoundguy
I just tried the Lemon Oreo Thins today and they are so good! They are light & crispy. The lemon cream is not too tart, not too sweet and just tastes amazing. Great with milk or coffee! But I'l...
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2 Answers
Victoria M answered:
  Here are some neat options.  There were several on amazon with many different price points.  What an interesting hobby to have! I hope you find many treasures. 
3 Answers
I am loving the new Hawaiian Tropic Weightless lotion. It's very light, non greasy and nothing like traditional heavy sticky sunscreens, plus, it smells amazing!! Check out this article I wrote and...
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5 Answers
Terry Hoover answered:
this is the mouse I have. I haven't had any issues.
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3 Answers
Terry Hoover answered:
not sure what you are looking for but I like these...I ended up going to a unfinished wood store and doing my own finish.
1 Answer
Alla Rada answered:
I have a collection home, they are all great.  
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3 Answers
Alla Rada answered:
I have a Chromecast. It is a little stick device. You can watch anything from Internet. It can be Amazon prime video or any channel.  
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3 Answers
BETSYSGOLD answered:
I don't have a favorite per se. But I love reading about countries it's historical architecture, it's people, it's customs and beliefs. About the monarchy and it's rulers. There is some much histor...
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3 Answers
Lori Oates answered:
Here are 2 that I have read that he might enjoy. They are both great books. I think any book by Max Lucado is great! 
2 Answers
Terry Hoover answered:
I drink Plexus first thing in the morning...mix with water  (6- 10 ounces) an chug it back.  I have my own distributor link
4 Answers
Judy Norris answered:
Dollar General carries a variety of them and you could probably go to the Salvation Army. They are both inexpensive and might have what you are looking for.