Keep Kids Moving
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fitness for kids
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exercise for kids
It's important to teach your kids the importance of exercise for life. Starting young will hopefully build the habit of exercise in them.
Kid's Archery Sets
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Youth Bow Sets
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Personally, I believe kids need to stay active and quit spending so much time on electronics. These archery sets can be a lot of fun for the kids, and at the same time teaches them practical surviv...
Kitchen Knives
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I am one of those guys who loves to eat. And, since I was older when I finally got married (39), I figured if I wanted to eat good, I had to learn to cook!  One thing I quickly learned was that a g...
Deocrative Fans
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What do you do when you need some air circulation and don't want an ugly box fan sitting around? Try one of these Deco Breeze Fans. They can sit out as part of your decor and still be useful in pro...
Time to Mow: Choosing the Right Lawn Mower
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It's that time of year - when the grass grows almost faster than you can keep up with it! At least, that's the way it is where I live.  I live in a tropical area, so summer brings the rains that ma...
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NuWave 20633 Pro Plus Oven with Stainless Steel Extender Ring, Black Review
review by ccsoundguy
We purchased our first NuWave oven several years ago and we LOVE it. If you have the extender ring (the silver part you see in the picture) you can cook a turkey in it. Since it's a convection oven...
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4 Answers
Alla Rada answered:
I eat yogurt daily. I buy high in fat, low in sugar, add some maca powder, Chia seeds or nuts and can survive without snacks until 12.40. 
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3 Answers
 I would highly recommend the golds gym workout for wii 
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4 Answers
you wouldn't see the shoes with this one    @ccsoundguy 
M&M'S Mint Dark Chocolate Candy 8-Ounce Bag (Pack of 6) Review
review by ccsoundguy
I thought M&M's couldn't be improved. I was wrong! These dark chocolate mint M&M's are amazing! The combination of the dark chocolate with the mint is perfect. The only problem is that you ...
1 Answer
Randy Porter answered:
I personally have these. They work great and are a good buy too. I think you will like them. 
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2 Answers
Randy Porter answered:
I like this one best and I have had many. You can not beat it for good performance and price. 
1 Answer
maryanno answered:
don't know if this is one you are looking for but sounds good and will last a while
4 Answers
maryanno answered:
i make this recipe a lot and freezes wellEasy Cabbage Roll CasserolePrep20 mCook1 h 45 mReady In2 h 5 mRecipe By:Tracy"Forget trying to roll the cabbage rolls. I tried this once and realized t...
6 Answers
Terry Hoover answered:
I would try Cabela's. They have jackets for all seasons and all events. You are bound to find one there.
3 Answers
Joni Hoffman answered:
I suppose if you want to 'prevent' swimmer's ear, you need some of these ear plugs to be safe. If you have trapped water in the ear, this other thing will help to dry the water up.  
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4 Answers
Joni Hoffman answered:
I have talked about mine so much that I fear everyone is probably sick of me saying it but this one is mine. I love it. I use the heck out of it. It will do anything that my regular oven will do bu...
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3 Answers
Joni Hoffman answered:
I am assuming you mean an "over the range" microwave. My mom and two brothers have all bought the same ones and mounted it over the stove where the range hood was and they look spectacula...
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2 Answers
Alla Rada answered:
I don't have any problems buying sheets on Amazon. I have Queen size bed and all sheets were purchased by me and fits ideally.