Keep Kids Moving
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fitness for kids
Exercise Videos
Exercise & Fitness
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exercise for kids
It's important to teach your kids the importance of exercise for life. Starting young will hopefully build the habit of exercise in them.
Kid's Archery Sets
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Youth Bow Sets
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Personally, I believe kids need to stay active and quit spending so much time on electronics. These archery sets can be a lot of fun for the kids, and at the same time teaches them practical surviv...
Kitchen Knives
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I am one of those guys who loves to eat. And, since I was older when I finally got married (39), I figured if I wanted to eat good, I had to learn to cook!  One thing I quickly learned was that a g...
Deocrative Fans
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What do you do when you need some air circulation and don't want an ugly box fan sitting around? Try one of these Deco Breeze Fans. They can sit out as part of your decor and still be useful in pro...
Time to Mow: Choosing the Right Lawn Mower
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It's that time of year - when the grass grows almost faster than you can keep up with it! At least, that's the way it is where I live.  I live in a tropical area, so summer brings the rains that ma...
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I really love the 10 minute trainer videos and the Shaun T workout videos. 
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BETSYSGOLD answered:
You can only share questions from the main Shopswell page. If you go to the main page of Shopswell and look at the bottom left there is a Share and Follow bottom. I hope this helps.
ccsoundguy asked the community
Favorite gum?
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3 Answers
BETSYSGOLD answered:
 I like the ice cubes
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Joni Hoffman answered:
I have a favorite movie that I loved when I was a kid. It kind of scared me at first but every year it would come on and I learned to love it and that was Wizard of Oz.
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Has your cat been screened for PICA? My old cat did that and that is what our vet diagnosed her with. I would avoid most essential oils around cats other than cedarwood, lavender and frankincense a...
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5 Answers
maryanno answered:
Hear are some that fit what you are looking for
1 Answer
cuga55 answered:
@ccsoundguy  @ccsoundguy When I type slowly it works for me.
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Sondra answered:
No, it's not!!!! It must have pulled in the product number - the shot glass set is really $60 which is still pretty expensive if you ask me!
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4 Answers
Randy Porter answered:
I have had the problem and used this to get rid of the ants or you can check out this on pinterest.
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3 Answers
Randy Porter answered:
I recently had to buy one for my computer and it gives me a ton of space.
Burt's Bees: All-natural Herbal Insect Repellent, 4 Oz Review
review by ccsoundguy
I love this insect repellent. Most bug sprays contain harmful ingredients, but at the same time, mosquitos spread disease. So, up until now, finding a way to repel insects without exposing yourself...
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3 Answers
Joni Hoffman answered:
I found some good ones for you. These are nice and cool for those very hot days too.