Extra Large Magnetic Chore Responsibility Chart 12" X 17" Black Fluorescent - Full Magnetic Backing (12" x 17" Black Responsibility Chore Chart) Review
review by ccsoundguy
This extra large kids chore chart is just what you need if you have multiple kids to plan the chores out. I love that it can attach to your refrigerator, or a metal door. And I love the dry-erase f...
Decorative Pillows
list by ccsoundguy
Decorative Pillows Inserts & Covers
Decorative Pillows
Living Room Decor
Throw Pillows
Home Decor
A throw pillow can make a big change to a room - it can brighten up a dark sofa, or tone down a bright one. And, it's an affordable way to change your decor
Great for Gardening
list by ccsoundguy
Gardening & Lawn Care
For the Green Thumb
Green Thumb
Outdoor Gardening & Lawn Care
Plants Seeds & Bulbs
Garden Seeds
Hand Tools
Patio Lawn & Garden
Looking to plant a garden this year? Here are some great ideas & tools to help you get started
Bathroom Makeover - Wallpaper Borders
list by ccsoundguy
wallpaper border
bathroom wallpaper border
Bathroom Needs
Bathroom Makeover
A wallpaper border can be just the thing to finish off your bathroom upgrade.
Bring the Beach Home
list by ccsoundguy
nautical decor
beach decor
Table Lamps
Lamps & Shades
Home & Kitchen
Is the beach your happy place? Then bring that feeling home with some beach-themed decor
Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix, Rich Milk Chocolate (39 Servings), 27.7-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 3) Review
review by ccsoundguy
We love this hot cocoa by Nestle. First of all, buying it in a canister is much more affordable in the long run than the individual packets. Plus you can put in the amount of chocolate you prefer. ...
Lawn Mowers
list by ccsoundguy
grass cutting
Lawn & Garden
Springtime is here, which means the grass grows faster! A nice lawnmower can make your job easier. I realize most of us would prefer a riding lawnmower, but that's not feasible for many of us, so w...
Time to Mow: Choosing the Right Lawn Mower
article by ccsoundguy
It's that time of year - when the grass grows almost faster than you can keep up with it! At least, that's the way it is where I live.  I live in a tropical area, so summer brings the rains that ma...
Area Rugs
list by ccsoundguy
Area Rugs & Pads
Area Rugs
Home Décor
Home & Kitchen
Kitchen & Dining Features
All Area Rugs
Area rugs are a great way to change up a room, or protect your flooring underneath.
Cheerful Chimes
list by ccsoundguy
wind chimes
Lawn & Garden
I love the sound of wind chimes on a breezy day. I'm not sure why but there is just something so relaxing about it. Different wind chimes can have very different sounds, but I personally like the l...
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4 Answers
Randy Porter answered:
I have had the problem and used this to get rid of the ants or you can check out this on pinterest.
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3 Answers
Terry Hoover answered:
The higher the thread count the more luxurious the sheets. the lower the number the coaser and rougher the feel of the sheet.
3 Answers
Joni Hoffman answered:
I always take it to the mattress stores. Sam's Club is good too.  I have even ordered one from Amazon for the spare room before I left Arkansas and it was a truly nice set  I got this one. I hear t...
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3 Answers
Joni Hoffman answered:
Here is a great starter kit that has a lot to get you started. I hope you enjoy fishing this way.