Creative oil painting decorating idea
Beautiful Wall Hangings
list by Candy Kohl
Santin Art
Wieco Art
Home & Kitchen
Oil Paintings
Kitchen & Dining Features
Wall decor that would look amazing in an room of the house.
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6 Answers
Kim McPhee answered:
We have 2 hogging the space in the living room :)  the twins sit in them every morning, part of their routine.
Frog Obession
list by Candy Kohl
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Coffee Cups & Mugs
Home Décor Accents
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Outdoor Décor
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Kitchen & Dining Features
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Everything you need when it comes to frogs!
Cute baby feet
Gorgeous Newborn Props
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Costumes & Accessories
Baby Boys
Infants & Toddlers
Kids & Baby
Baby Girls
Baby Products
Clothing Shoes & Jewelry
Clothing & Fashion
Here are some amazing outfits for newborn babies first pictures! 
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2 Answers
Most of these decals are nice . I have them in my living room-- Kitchen and My bedroom and I have never gotten any bad ones
6 Answers
I'm at stay at home auntie for the time being! I love it!
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9 Answers
 Playtex ventaire bottles are what we used  when my youngest would get gas, they helped a lot
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2 Answers
Mmow Mmow answered:
These are great and they always have great coupons for more savings on Sparkle in the newspaper to save one or two dollars @candy_kohl      I love saving money with coupons
TaoTronics Dog Deshedding Tool, Dog Shedding Brush, Cat Undercoat Rake, Pet Comb, 3-in-1 Grooming Kit for Dogs and Cats Review
review by Candy Kohl
I have this set and use it on my fur baby all the time. I love that it is gentle yet gets the job done. No one likes hair all other the place and this will ensure that you can groom your fur babies...