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Mother of 3, part time paramedic!
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i AM WAITING FOR MY REWARDS TOO BUT YOU CAN FIND OTHER APPS TO WORK WITH SUCH AS cROWDTAP. On the go surveys, Ibotta, saving star, Quick thoughts are just a few lucktastic too.
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Kim McPhee answered:
I have had mine since April and for the price this is a great phone It was a birthday  gift from my sister and she has AT&T so she put me on her family account..  My mom liked it so much she go...
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Debi Segal answered:
Lands End jeans are really the best out there. The knees are reinforced from the back, so they look the same but are practically indestructible. There is always a sale, or a discontinued color, or ...
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There is a new blog post here from September 21st that you might want to read about the earnings program changes.Updates
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Brandi Stine answered:
Yes i have noticed that too, I think it's mainly because folks really aren't choosing top answers any more or only a few are.
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Mary Murch answered:
 this worked for my sister and it only took her 45 days good luck