Influenster Nestle Splash VoxBox Review
article by bellalulu82
I was very doubtful when I knew I was receiving this flavored water. I really thought it was going to taste very artificial and disgusting but I was totally taken by the great taste!! Along with th...
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l1velif3 answered:
I used to work for contact lenses company ... It really depends if you are looking for prescription colored me sealer normal and also on your eye color .. For dark brown eyes normally fresh look co...
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corbysmom99 answered:
I love my Kindle fire. Cheap as the China cheapies, but actually works and Amazon backs them with a great guarantee. The picture is amazing, and if you have prime, it already comes with the video a...
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I highly recommend Ardell lashes. Almost 90% of the time I do a photoshoot the makeup artist ends up using the Ardell brand. Depending on where you buy them along with how many come in a pack, they...
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Justine Kinch answered:
Catch fireflies at night (take a look at the night sky or watch a spider spin it's web), take a walk on a beach(collect shells or build a sandcastle), picnic in a forest (don't forget to hug a tree...
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AnaElisa0282 answered:
I like Apple TV!! Mostly because everything I own is from Apple but the Apple TV is pretty good. So many features you can add and stream. Its pretty cool.
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boodreeau answered:
Get a little container and  get some petroleum jelly, cinnamon and and a bit of sugar, mix very well and apply to lips, you will have a lip scrubber, moisturizer and plumper for your lips, you can ...
Walmart logo youtube bigger
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I usually can find cute affordable sandles in stores like Walmart or Target. I am not confident enough to buy shoes online, but found super adorable, affordable and comfortable sandles right at my ...
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i am very simple:  mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and some sort of powder
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As for as HD Over the AIR Antenna I have found the best one of all is this one. It's far the best one on the market that is out. I really like it! 
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Bath Body Works Cashmere Glow Body Lotion Review
review by bellalulu82
Omg this has to be one of their best scents!! I ran and bought like 3 bottles and when I smelled this lotion at Bath Body Works!! Their mist is also great. I like how the scent stays on you for a l...
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Mary kay oil free eye makeup remover h
Make Up & Beauty
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Everything I love!!!
Coconut oil hair benefits
Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment
article by bellalulu82
Coconut Oil is growing more commonly for its variety of uses. From cooking oil to hair treatments to moisturizing skin, to even makeup remover.One of the best uses of Coconut Oil, is for hair treat...
Cocktail 1728x800 c
Awesome Cocktail Recipes!! Cheers!!
article by bellalulu82
Cocktails contain one or more types of liqueurs, juice, fruit, sauce, syrup or other flavorings. Cocktails may vary from bartender to bartender and place to place. Some may have the same name but t...
Product Review-First Response
article by bellalulu82
 The First Response Pregnancy Pro is great! What better way to track your pregnancy thru an App. Its so convenient just using bluetooth. I love that all you do is download the app, turn your blueto...