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10 Movies That Will Make You Cry
article by aunna
1. Marley & MeIf you love animals this movie will bring you to tears2. TitanicIf you love movies that have a little love and sadness this is the one for you3. P.S. I Love YouThis movie is great...
$ 12
Stylish Hair Styling Donut Former Foam French Twist Magic DIY Tool Bun Maker RD | eBay Review
review by aunna
these are great after loads of practice or if someone were to do it for you. Ilearned by watching youtube videos on how to do it, but all my sister had to do was read the directions and she knew ho...
Bolayu 4pcs Pro Beauty Flawless Makeup Sponges Blender Foundation Puff Multi Shape Review
review by aunna
I but a lot of make up on amazing and I bought a couple of these off brand beauty blenders and the size isn't very big but I find the they are a little hard and they don't expand very much but the ...
DE'LANCI Professional 20 Colors Face Cream Concealer Camouflage Foundation Contour Makeup Palette Kit Set with Premium Oval Make Up Brush (20 colors) Review
review by aunna
This product is amazing i never thought buying make up from amazing would be the best way to go. Now day make up is super expensive and finding a cheap product that is cheap make me happy because y...

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soterseev answered:
What are some cool halloween treats to make with kids? Is these are some important treats with students? if best essay services are important tell how much it is important and how you will show wha...
1 Answer
Maria Parker answered:
An Adult needs at least 8 hrs. A child/ teen needs about 10
1 Answer
Maria Parker answered:
Eat properly. Get adequate sleep. Put a schedule on fridge with time limits for chores etc. Stick to it !
3 Answers
I am not really sure the price range you are looking at but I have a Specialized Womens bike. They are rather spendy but I love it. If you are just looking for a bike to get from point a to point b...
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7 Answers
Trista answered:
I think walmart is a good place or some of them dollar stores