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Sophia candice round ottoman dac7cb0c cf6e 4e32 bee2 686dbb5ba33e 600
Isabelle round tufted ottoman 42005701u
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list by Anne Hogan
Mostly because my dog likes to sit on top of ottomans and foot stools.
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Pioneer Woman
list by Anne Hogan
Some of my favorites from The Pioneer Woman's collection at Walmart.
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Golden Girls
list by Anne Hogan
Thank you for being a friend
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Sassy Style
list by Anne Hogan
What does your shirt say about you?



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Triple Crown Hats
list by Anne Hogan
Because I love any excuse for a big hat or fascinator!
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Preppy Bathing Suits
list by Anne Hogan
Put some prep in your swim. ;)
Newton grand sleeper chair bl3431
Fitzgerald sleeper chair f1354 454
Serta ez bed queen size with never flat ac pump a1f0dee8 22d4 4cb5 adb3 170d013cada2 600
Gold sparrow tampa ivory convertible big chair bed 46216dfc 7daa 40b0 b5ad 15177ced7c3e 600
Slumberland deluxe comfort 26 raised pillowtop air mattress
Hidden Beds
list by Anne Hogan
Because I don't want to give up my home office for a guest room, but I still have guests.
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Nautical Bags & Purses
list by Anne Hogan
Add a little sea to your everyday!
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Spring Flats
list by Anne Hogan
Casual and comfortable, these flats will put a spring in your step!
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Summer Hats
list by Anne Hogan
Stay cool and stay shady this summer!
Cowhide hand loomed area rug ptx 3137
Hand crafted leather animal hide geometric squares trailblazer rug 8 x 10 l14292738
Cowhide hand loomed area rug ptx 3106
Handmade richard geometric pattern leather rug 8 x 10 10b6a220 e8c5 4798 88f1 773207dc2ade 600
Cowhide hand loomed area rug ptx 3284
Office Rugs
list by Anne Hogan
Potential new rugs for the office!
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Picture frame dh390
Hasana antique silver photo frames set of 3 9455b415 3fe8 4115 abc4 6970a0ea2367 600
Mirrored Picture Frames
list by Anne Hogan
I love the extra bit of elegance that mirrors bring to picture frames.
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Black Bathing Suits
list by Anne Hogan
Something chic for the summer
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Kitchen Hardware
list by Anne Hogan
Because I want to update my cabinet knobs!
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Frye Boots
list by Anne Hogan
Because if you love boots, you love Frye.
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list by Anne Hogan
The only boat shoes worth owning, Sperrys are the BEST! They only get better with age. I think they look better once they're banged up, and once they mold to your foot you'll be in shoe heaven.
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Snoopy Style
list by Anne Hogan
Celebrate everyone's favorite beagle!
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Spring Green
list by Anne Hogan
Bring a touch of spring inside this season with bright light green accents!
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list by Anne Hogan
Because snacks are the best meal of the day!