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Bath & body Works
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Body Sprays
Beauty & Personal Care
Bath & Body Works
Body Washes
Bath and Body works is a great place to shop for others or yourself, always has great sales going on and so many awesome scents. Plus always coming out with new scents and products. I never leave t...
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Day at the beach!
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Who enjoys spending the whole day at the beach? Well I know I do :)                                              🌊   🌊   🌊   🌊   🌊   🌊   Here are a few must have things to take with you on your bea...

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Must try Coffee K- cups!
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Gloria Jean's
Single-Serve Brewers
Coffee Tea & Espresso
Grocery & Gourmet Food
☕All these k- cups are worth a try, bursting with amazing flavors. One thing I like about these great flavors is no cream is really even needed. Like they say don't drink your calories, save those ...
Household products
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Bathroom Cleaners
Fabric Softener
Household Cleaning
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All-Purpose Cleaners
Household Supplies
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Stuff I use around the house on pretty much a daily basis. 
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Autumn Handy answered:
Picnics are easy ... Just have to plan ahead.  Keep it simple with lots of fresh fruit n veggies.  If you want something along the lines of tuna fish or chicken salad have your base mixed up in tup...
Beautiful bed sets!
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Comforter Sets
Comforters & Sets
Home & Decor
Beautiful comforter bed set, love all the color of these.
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Affordable/Cheap Make-up that works great!
article by andryaaaaa
As a stay home mother of one I can't afford high-end makeup! I've tried lot's of cheaper makeup, some horrible and some great. Here’s a list of a few things that are pretty great for the price! 💄  ...
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💫Essential Oil DIY soap project's!
article by andryaaaaa
I recently had a essential oils house 🎈party, we made homemade soaps. It was so much fun and easy to do, plus you get to use them afterwards :) 🎊I'd like to share the items we used and hopefully yo...
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Ron RJ Rush answered:
I like a refreshing drink for the summer also. If you click the link above and view the gallery there are 20 different refreshing summer low calorie cocktails. I think you may like some of these. I...
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Shopswell wants to see a well-rounded approach - writing quality content, making great lists, and sharing them. They want to see people engaging with your content.  The real key for me seems to be ...
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An easy and practical one is sugar free jello layered with cool whip. Tastes great, very low in sugar, and you can get fat-free cool whip. Or, if you want a chocolate fix, add a few chocolate chips...
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Marigolds 8pkMAR at The Home Depot - Mobile Review
review by andryaaaaa
I love Marigolds flowers, so easy to care for and do great in sunny ☀️ environment ! They smell great and they bloom new flowers all season long. These flowers are vibrant in color, orange and yell...
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Flowers that thrive in full sun ☀️
article by andryaaaaa
Like me, do you have a yard full of area that gets no shade and you'd like to plant some flowers without them drying up?     Well here are a few flowers that thrive in full sun, and yes I've put th...
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Must have Handbags!
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Love all these handbags! 
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Xbox One Review
review by andryaaaaa
The Xbox one is a great gaming console, so many different genre of games to choose from. The Xbox one does more then just letting you experience game play, it offers Internet browsing, Netflix stre...
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Make-up I need to get my hands on!
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Make-up I've tried and need more of ---Make-up I'd love to try!