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Bath and Body works is a great place to shop for others or yourself, always has great sales going on and so many awesome scents. Plus always coming out with new scents and products. I never leave t...
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Essential Oil Beginner Starter Set 14/10ml - 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade - Great for Aromatherapy Review
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This essential oils start kit is awesome, 14 great scents to experiment and learn with. It's also a great price for the amount of oils you get, if you are to buy each one separately you'd be paying...

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9 Answers
Walgreens usually has lower prices and has sales more often.
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cuga55 answered:
I bought some smart TV from LG like 2 years ago and I'm satisfied. It was full hd and it was 32'' . Small room so I didn't want bigger.I'm pretty satisfied with it and especially with the feature t...
2 Answers
Rindy May answered:
You can get a free trial sometimes to try it out. I did the free trial and I didn't care for it, the picture quality was less than good for me. I have high speed internet, it streamed okay. We have...
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Yes it is a good thing and glad when it is offered. We had purchased a tv from Walmart & bought warranty on it..It saved us. The power to the tv just went out on us right before the warranty wa...
4 Answers
Mine is only 38%. Working hard trying to get it up. Seems like people just click, scroll, and comment nice list or nothing at all. But I'm determined to get it higher!
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Victoria M answered:
I have had the best luck with Allegra.  I suffer from allergies constantly, ant this has been my go to this allergy season! 12 hour formula that actually provides some relief.  It is a bit pricier,...
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lisa1205 answered:
I love sun tea! That's the best kind to make in the summer
6 Answers
lisa1205 answered:
This is is the recipe I used on Saturday at a family cookout and it turned out great! I also made the same recipe for the kids that were there with no jalapeños and it worked out great that way too.
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Shelby Kenney answered:
My friend gets it for her dogs and they love it. everytime a box comes to the house they think its for them. 
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kakjan answered:
Go to your dashboard and find the question you are wanting to delete.  Click on the question and there should be an option to edit question, in which there you can delete