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Day at the beach!
article by andryaaaaa
Who enjoys spending the whole day at the beach? Well I know I do :)                                              🌊   🌊   🌊   🌊   🌊   🌊   Here are a few must have things to take with you on your bea...
Bath & body Works
list by andryaaaaa
Body Sprays
Beauty & Personal Care
Bath & Body Works
Body Washes
Bath and Body works is a great place to shop for others or yourself, always has great sales going on and so many awesome scents. Plus always coming out with new scents and products. I never leave t...

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tinabelcher answered:
I shop amazon id say weekly. 
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3 Answers
I don't know how much you're looking to spend, but this one looks pretty nice!  
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Megan Fugate answered:
chips or reese
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angle62884 answered:
I like it. I usually just browse and get ideas from Pinterest though
3 Answers
tinabelcher answered:
I'd say around 12, also depends on the kids maturity. 
4 Answers
tinabelcher answered:
Jiffy boxes of pizza dough are cheap and easy. 
1 Answer
Ours is around that $120-160 range year round. Water here is crazy expensive.
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ashley16 answered:
I'll have to go with the Warriors. What about you?
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tinabelcher answered:
My family is, BBQ hamburgers.
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tinabelcher answered:
I got the LG G5 - not sure about the Galaxy 
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Autumn Handy answered:
I take the puppies in but seriously thinking about doing it myself now ..... I don't drive and he works 3rds so getting to the vet is impossible and this time of year i'm usually running my butt of...
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We keep ours in a crate. My Airedale Terrier has separation issues and she's a wonderful dog but here lately when I started going to school and I would leave her out she would literally wreck the h...
S l1000
5 Answers
I had both. Lol I remember my buddy my buddy my buddy and me like to climb up a tree my buddy and me are the best friend that can be. Lol just showed my age