I'm fun happy person 😀
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 I got this for my baby, I have tried a tooth paste that was beef flavor but i did not like it so i got this one and she likes it very well and it is minty flavor and her breath stays much fresher....
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I shave everyday while in the shower I love the Gillette fusion although it is made for a man its the best razor ever!
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Mary Murch answered:
I dress lighter and try to stay in the shade, I love to drink my lemonade and/or iced tea and on my front porch I have my ceiling fans  
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Crystal Bell answered:
 This works great for my mother
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  I am a big girl with a pair of 42DD and i hate when i spend $30.00 and more for a bra that either have wired and hurts, does not hold me in place or the straps hurt or after a few washes is as if...
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My favorite bath towels, I find at kohls! The Big One bath towels. They hold up very well and come in a variety of colors and are pretty affordable. I think one time i was able to order 16 for $30!...
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    These are all cute, wasn't sure on size.
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Lori Oates answered:
Not sure how big you want it, but I have this one and I love it:Here are a few more that you may want to check out: