I'm fun happy person 😀
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Tina answered:
I've had really great success with Seventh Generation laundry products. This has been our go-to detergent for the past year or so. It works great on stains and I haven't had any problems with linge...
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2fruity answered:
 My niece absolutely loved this one.
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boodreeau answered:
Seriously, I have had a set of these before and they last. My cousin has a 2 sets as well and when I go over there to cook, that is what I use to cut up everything, they are the knives I use. Just ...
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boodreeau answered:
They are working on trying to get to them by the end of the year, they have a lot of red tape and working on the books. 
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Sondra answered:
 We have this one and it works well when you just need a little juice for a recipe. I would not recommend this for when you need larger quantities - I made a pitcher of lemonade and tried to use th...
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   Im sure you could find some at a major retailer such as Walmart or Target but here are some suggestions from Amazon as well