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Next Year Fourth of July idea?
article by Anamarie Lucatero
  Hey guys, so I'm writing this article today because yesterday was the fourth of July and I know that we are once again going to be saying WOW Its Fourth Of July again? Well yes it will come that ...

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vburggal33 answered:
Birchbox is a good one for $10 a month. I usually get a couple pieces of makeup, hair stuff and skin stuff. They give you a choice on what kind of box you want too so you can be surprised, know wha...
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I try to go on mondays here that's when my stores like walmart , dollar general and target restock. It varies though so i'd try to see what days the big trucks come to your local stores.
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I do! Have been at it about 5 years now. I try not to shelf clear though but i still save a good amount.
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l1velif3 answered:
I use this one all the time -- its the best xx
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I use it, but they don't usually offer any products I want to review. Here and there they have something good.
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mjanae93 answered:
Torch is incredible. It is all natural energy, so no spike - no crash. I drink a couple a day. Just helps keep me alert and focused. The are DELICIOUS. 
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Well right now, i'm not in school but I have a daughter in therapy 3 times a week, I drive my son to and from school out of our district, he also plays soccer and ju jitsu (and other sports at diff...