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10 piece diamond door knobs
article by Amber Jeannetti
 I wanted these to redo my daughter's dresser with. I thought these were pretty and would look nice in her room. When these arrived, I was blown away at how beautiful they really are (yes I know it...
12-inch Good Grips Stainless-steel Locking Tongs
article by Amber Jeannetti
 Everyone should have a pair of tongs in their kitchen and I would suggest these. They are super easy to use, fit perfectly in your hand, and are long enough that you can keep a tight grip on whate...
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12 Inflatable Crayons
article by Amber Jeannetti
You do get 12 of these. These are rather large making them perfect for photos such as back to school photos. These would also be great for  classroom decorations, The color assortment is varied, bu...
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12 Large Inflatable Snake Swords 27" - inflate toys
article by Amber Jeannetti
 This is a nice little assortment of really cool looking snake swords. These do have to be blown up when they arrive, however, they would be awesome as decor for a pirate themed birthday party of a...
12 pack of dish towels
article by Amber Jeannetti
 These are 100% cotton,which makes them soft. They are pretty big for a dish towel, making them perfect for drying dishes, cleaning counters, etc. They are pretty absorbent. They seem to be sewn to...
12pcs Women's Professional Makeup Lipliner Waterproof Lip Liner Pencil Set
article by Amber Jeannetti
This is great to use as a lip liner or as an eye liner. there are twelve different colors, so you will have one to match any outfit. This set is perfect for make up lovers and would make a great gi...
24 pack of dish towels
article by Amber Jeannetti
 This is a very nice value. You get 24 wash clothes for $11. These are okay for washing your body with, however I personally would not use them to wash my face with as they are a bit tough and stif...
2 Bling License Plate Frame
article by Amber Jeannetti
 When they say bling, they mean bling!! When this arrived, I was blown away with how shiny and beautiful it is. It does have rhinestones in it, which appear to be small diamonds. When they sunlight...
30 Piece Brand New & Sealed Hard Candy' Cosmetics Makeup Excellent Assorted Mixed Lot
article by Amber Jeannetti
This is a huge lot of  hard candy make- up  for am amazing price. You get 30 different pieces which may include: Eye shadowsLip glossLip stickFoundationEyelinerMascaraBlushEtc.The listing says the ...
42" Inflatable Jumbo Fun Rolling N Play Ball-Yellow color
article by Amber Jeannetti
 This looks super fun. This would be great for any child or adult to have.  Your child can crawl through it or bounce in it. It does have two openings and ten "windows" which you can see ...
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3 Pc - Inflatable Ice Cream Cones - 36 Inch - Inflate Ice Cream Cone Set
article by Amber Jeannetti
3 assorted color ice cream cone inflates36 inch sizecolor will vary per setThis is only three pieces. These are rather large though. These would be perfect to use for birthday photos or to use as b...
3d rose items
article by Amber Jeannetti
This is a list of many different 3d Rose products. It is all different kinds of products. There are some office products as well as a few home and kitchen items. Most are sloths as you can tell, bu...




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4 Answers
John Cinder answered:
Amber,I feel for you.  They are not hard to find.  eBay.  Amazon.  any auction site.  They are not cheap though.  You will be spending over $150.  They retail for under $50.  I have seen them as hi...
Oysters with pearls
article by Amber Jeannetti
So I am sure by now when you get on face book you see some one is having a pearl party. If not that is where they open up oysters and see the pearls inside. This seems to be kind of expensive, So I...
Life like babies
article by Amber Jeannetti
These dolls totally creep me out I am not even going to lie. They look so real. But this is the new "it doll" and of course my kids just had to have one. I composed a list of different on...
Baby Alive
article by Amber Jeannetti
My daughter got a Baby Alive for her birthday and has fallen in love with it. I remember these from back when I was young, and did not know they were still popular. I have made a list to try and he...
Ocean themed birthday supplies
article by Amber Jeannetti
  Last year we done a complete ocean themed birthday for my son. I had the hardest time finding things to go along with the theme, and decided to try to help out others who may be searching and hav...
Party favor bags
article by Amber Jeannetti
  This is just a small list of different party favor bags for kids birthday parties. I have to buy these twice a year ( two kids) and I know how crazy it can be to find the right one. I hope this h...
Stocking stuffers
article by Amber Jeannetti
  This is just a list of different things you can add to stockings. I have been searching and decided to try and help out other parents that might be in the same boat as me. These are just a few of...
Party favors for Children
article by Amber Jeannetti
At both of my children's birthday parties we try to make goodie grab bags for the Children how came as a thank you. Finding something to put into them is hard so I have tried to make a list of some...
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Monster Musical
article by Amber Jeannetti
 My kids are in love with Mickey mouse, so with Halloween approaching I decided to buy this for them. It is a bit long, but it held their attention the whole time. They loved every minute of it, an...
NYB Peppermint Essential Oil
article by Amber Jeannetti
 I love the fact that this not only comes in a glass bottle, but that it is brown. Darker colored glass helps preserve the oil better. When I opened it, it has a strong peppermint smell. It actuall...
Litterbiotic - Cat Litter Deodorizer.
article by Amber Jeannetti
 At first I was hesitant to try this simply because I thought either its not going to work, or it will have a strong smell itself. I was wrong. It works wonderfully and has no scent at all. I am no...
Baking Bundle. non-stick baking mat, pan , and oven mitt
article by Amber Jeannetti
 I have been in need of a new baking pan since my newest one is five years old, and decided that this one would be perfect. This made is made from a metal material but it lightweight. It seems to b...
Hot Glue Gun with 26 pcs Melt Glue Sticks
article by Amber Jeannetti
 This is such a nice little glue gun. I do a lot of at home projects with my kids, and this has came in handy. It is smaller than most glue guns, which I love. It is easier to work with and also ea...
Dictionary Diversion Book Safe with Lock.
article by Amber Jeannetti
 This safe really does look like a book. I was honestly expecting a cheap little safe, but that was not the case. This does seem to be both well made and durable. When this first arrived, I did put...
3 Pack of Premium Pacifier Clips
article by Amber Jeannetti
I ordered these for my friend who just had a baby boy. First off I want to say that the colors are perfect. The are bright and bold with tons of details that really show up. The material that these...
Recon Tactical Gloves
article by Amber Jeannetti
 I got these gloves for my husband. They fit him perfectly and are true to size. He said that they are super comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. These are great for him because he ri...