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FunDeco Lemonade Stand Review
review by Amber Beatty
This is definitely a no go as far as a stand for young children to use. It topples over at the first sign of a breeze. The shelves may resist moisture, but show the stains and weaken the paperboard...
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Easy Lemonade Stand for Kids with Nothing to Assemble! Fits a Square Card Table for an Easy Summertime Biz. Review
review by Amber Beatty
It's not summertime now, but it is the perfect time to make this purchase as a Christmas gift. Why? Because you don't just the get the great table cover. You get all sorts of things that you can pr...
The Art of the Scarf: From Classic Knots and Chic Neckties, to Stylish Turbans, Makeshift Bags, and More
review by Amber Beatty
I believed that scarves were for old people who were trying to hide something. I shared my thoughts with a friend and she sent me this book. (Honestly, I had no idea she wore scarves.)Anyway, after...
RuiLing Multicolor 4" Inch (100mm) Mega Large Jumbo Giant Big Paper Clips,Vinyl Coated,Massive Mega - 20 Pack Review
review by Amber Beatty
These are not  just jumbo paper clips, they are four inches long and very colorful. If you use them with a purpose they are a great organizing tool. Use them sparingly on important paperwork that n...

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