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The Art of the Scarf: From Classic Knots and Chic Neckties, to Stylish Turbans, Makeshift Bags, and More
review by Amber Beatty
I believed that scarves were for old people who were trying to hide something. I shared my thoughts with a friend and she sent me this book. (Honestly, I had no idea she wore scarves.)Anyway, after...
FunDeco Lemonade Stand Review
review by Amber Beatty
This is definitely a no go as far as a stand for young children to use. It topples over at the first sign of a breeze. The shelves may resist moisture, but show the stains and weaken the paperboard...
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Easy Lemonade Stand for Kids with Nothing to Assemble! Fits a Square Card Table for an Easy Summertime Biz. Review
review by Amber Beatty
It's not summertime now, but it is the perfect time to make this purchase as a Christmas gift. Why? Because you don't just the get the great table cover. You get all sorts of things that you can pr...
RuiLing Multicolor 4" Inch (100mm) Mega Large Jumbo Giant Big Paper Clips,Vinyl Coated,Massive Mega - 20 Pack Review
review by Amber Beatty
These are not  just jumbo paper clips, they are four inches long and very colorful. If you use them with a purpose they are a great organizing tool. Use them sparingly on important paperwork that n...

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