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Victoria's Secret Pink Graphic Mesh Varsity Crew Neck Sweatshirt Coral Pink (Medium) Review
review by Amanda Denning
I actually own this very sweatshirt. They tend to run a bit bigger just like the rest of Victoria's Secret so order a size down if you want it fitting. Its a very flattering sweatshirt for the appl...
Victoria's Secret Black and Pink Striped Blanket Review
review by Amanda Denning
This blanket is a must have, so soft and comfy and adult sized, unlike most fleece throws. They come in a variety of colors and prints. This blanket would make the perfect gift for any woman in you...
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Bath Body Works Cashmere Glow 8.0 oz Body Lotion Review
review by Amanda Denning
I swear I am in looove with this scent. It is sweet and grown up, yet young and fun also. Cashmere Glow is a very warm and comfy fragrance and the notes of golden peach, shimmering vanilla, and cas...
My plan for Father's Day
article by Amanda Denning
          As we all know Father's Day is creeping up on us and everyone has a special man in their life that you must celebrate on this day. I hate to be traditional, but honestly tradition isn't l...
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Sinful Colors Makes my Heart Happy
Sinful Colors
Mirage Cosmetics
Beauty Brags
Beauty & Personal Care
Nail Polish
If you're a woman and you like polishing your nails, I can assure you that you want to try Sinful Colors Nail Lacquer. It's so inexpensive with high end quality. Walgreen's usually has awesome deal...
Top 3 Smartphones of 2016
article by Amanda Denning
Buying a new cellphone can be a trying time, that is why I am here, to help you learn about the top 3 so you can better decide what is right for you! Up first we have the Samsung Galaxy S7... Speci...
Just for Dads
Men's Gifts
Novelty & More
We all know a special dad in our life. These random things I believe are must haves for any "hands on" dads. Enjoy, I've also given a little reasoning as to why I chose these particular i...
Are Rompers for Adults Too?
article by Amanda Denning
Lately I have been sooo into the cute little one pieces I wore regularly as a small girl. I cannot help but to think are these even for adults? Should I be wearing these? Do I look my age? Will the...
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Makeup Must Haves
Make Up For Ever
Eye Shadow
Makeup is life. Here are some of my all time faves! If you're into makeup like I am, try onew of the high end products each pay period. No need time buy all at once. Enjoy.
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Mary Murch answered:
Yes and I love the ones like what should I get Frank for his birthday? Oh ok  yeah Frank  (um how about a new Ford truck?)  oh no sorry Frank is your 2 year old son. Why didn't you say that?  Well ...
To blog or not to blog?
article by Amanda Denning
Recently I have been on a quest to find my niche. I am a mother first and foremost, but my two oldest children are in school and my youngest is pretty independent so I have a ton of free time throu...