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we recently purchased this set and LOVE it.  It looks like leather, but it's not. It's actually a microfiber that is super easy to clean, and soft & comfortable. The recliner on each end of the...
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 The easiest and newest way I have found is using the toothbrush oval makeup brush.  I also used a flat top kabuki  brush until I got the toothbrush. 
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Manda Olivio answered:
create list and write reviews and follow people. I add to a list every time i make a purchase from amazon. helps me stay active 
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Not sure about lists. But I have added personal photos In articles with the insertion box. The square that looks like a mountain with the dot in the upper left corner. It will say Drop image or cli...
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Amie George answered:
I use ‎Laura Mercier Faux Lashes they are awesome and you can typically buy them on Amazon for cheaper than you would someplace else. False lashes are a pain so I have someone (like my daughter) ma...
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I recently had to learn how to help my daughters with false lashes because they had to wear them for a theatrical performance. It wasn't easy! LOL But, they told me that no matter what we did, they...
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Mary Murch answered:
Yes and I love the ones like what should I get Frank for his birthday? Oh ok  yeah Frank  (um how about a new Ford truck?)  oh no sorry Frank is your 2 year old son. Why didn't you say that?  Well ...