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Swim Suits for all Body Types
Beach Wear
bathing suits
Swimsuits & Cover Ups
We all know that swim suit season stinks! It is soooo hard to find the right one on our bodies. Flip through this list there's surely something for you! And remember that you are the only one who h...
Victorias Secret MUST Haves
Yoga Pants
Victoria's Secret
Clothing Accessories
Exercise & Fitness
Clothing & Shoes
Clothing Shoes & Jewelry
As everyone who knows me knows, Victoria's Secret is MY LIFE. Here are a few of my faves! Enjoy. Like, comment, and if you've tried something review it. Also post in comments one of your faves, or ...
Adult Coloring. Yes or No?
article by Amanda Denning
Lately I have seen adult coloring books everywhere from the Dollar Tree to my doctors recently I thought hmmm I must know more. I decided to research the benefits in adult coloring and ...
Dr. Brown's Baby Bottle Review
review by Amanda Denning
With 2 older children when pregnant with my third I swore I had it all figured out, boy oh boy was I wrong. The two older children could take any bottle and make it work. After my youngest was born...

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1 Answer
we recently purchased this set and LOVE it.  It looks like leather, but it's not. It's actually a microfiber that is super easy to clean, and soft & comfortable. The recliner on each end of the...
4 Answers
Mary Murch answered:
Yes and I love the ones like what should I get Frank for his birthday? Oh ok  yeah Frank  (um how about a new Ford truck?)  oh no sorry Frank is your 2 year old son. Why didn't you say that?  Well ...
Are Rompers for Adults Too?
article by Amanda Denning
Lately I have been sooo into the cute little one pieces I wore regularly as a small girl. I cannot help but to think are these even for adults? Should I be wearing these? Do I look my age? Will the...
To blog or not to blog?
article by Amanda Denning
Recently I have been on a quest to find my niche. I am a mother first and foremost, but my two oldest children are in school and my youngest is pretty independent so I have a ton of free time throu...
Top 3 Smartphones of 2016
article by Amanda Denning
Buying a new cellphone can be a trying time, that is why I am here, to help you learn about the top 3 so you can better decide what is right for you! Up first we have the Samsung Galaxy S7... Speci...
2 Answers
Not sure about lists. But I have added personal photos In articles with the insertion box. The square that looks like a mountain with the dot in the upper left corner. It will say Drop image or cli...
Urban Decay_Perversion Mascara 0.4oz Full size Review
review by Amanda Denning
I am a mascara FANATIC, because I cannot apply false lashes I'm always looking for the next best thing. Guys I've found it. Everything I try is either clumpy, doesn't give enough volume, or some cr...
1 Answer
Amie George answered:
I use ‎Laura Mercier Faux Lashes they are awesome and you can typically buy them on Amazon for cheaper than you would someplace else. False lashes are a pain so I have someone (like my daughter) ma...
1 Answer
I recently had to learn how to help my daughters with false lashes because they had to wear them for a theatrical performance. It wasn't easy! LOL But, they told me that no matter what we did, they...
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4 Answers
 The easiest and newest way I have found is using the toothbrush oval makeup brush.  I also used a flat top kabuki  brush until I got the toothbrush. 
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If you're a woman and you like polishing your nails, I can assure you that you want to try Sinful Colors Nail Lacquer. It's so inexpensive with high end quality. Walgreen's usually has awesome deal...