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Speaker With Party Dance Light, Review
review by 2fruity
The light is awesome and have 3 different colors red,blue and green . The Party Dance Light ball part inside turns when you have it on . It really looks neat and it lite up my whole dinning room wi...
Set Of 4 Clear 'Tree Branch' Engraved Glass Candle Holders Review
review by 2fruity
I received these as a gift and I  think they are great. The engraving is done well. These are made in the USA. I use them with led tea candles and if you place them just right there are shadows tha...
Arm Compression Sleeve Review
review by 2fruity
The arm compression sleeves are lightweight and can be worn comfortably underneath your clothes and provides breathable support. I wore this all day and barely noticed them . The sleeve fits very w...
Dream Maker Pens Review
review by 2fruity
This 3D pens in general are tricky to get the hang of it took me a few days of trying to get a good 3d picture going. The pen is big but not to big to hold nicely . When i am drawing it is fun and ...

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2 Answers
jmartin answered:
I remember buying one when these first came out they are still a lot of fun.