Ok off topic but I have made zero the last 4 days.....I wouldn't be worried if I hadn't made really good money every other pay period. Anyone else experiencing this as well. I have been doing a little bit of everything not sticking to one thing or another?

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mom of 2 girls ages 40 and 15

some are experiencing that please go to the shops site and write to them

kakjan over 3 years ago

Ok thank you!!

kakjan over 3 years ago

Ok how do I go about doing that?

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Mother of 3, part time paramedic!

Ive had it happen a couple of times.  I dont know why i havent really switched my routine up but some days are still $0 for me. hoping that changes.

I'm a Mom and a Grandma and love it. Love shopping

Mine is still zero and hoping it catches up  I have done a little

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So it seems I am not the only one that noticed this.  Hope we all get it straightened out

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