I need inspiration for decorating with brown. Can you help me find some pieces to decorate with?

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I have a brown couch and brown carpet(husbands choice) and it needs a little color. Don't want to choose the obvious yellows etc, just not sure where to start

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There are many shades of brown, but I'm going to assume chocolate brown, though this should work with just about any brown. 

I've always been a fan of sky/powder blues with browns. Lighter navy would also work. Hope this helps/inspires you.

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Mary Murch 3 years ago

I totally agree these colors are great with browns  throw in some tans with it


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I have my room decorated with dark brown, tan, & wine and it's beautiful

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I agree with the blues/teals/aquas. They really do liven up the brown. My living room has high ceilings and is dark brown. I put an area rug that's turquoise and some turquoise end tables and tv stand in the room and it helped brings some color to the drab space. Also throw pillows and pretty curtains!

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We have a brown couch as well and it felt very "dark" before I recently added a pop of color to the couch with some throw pillows that had a touch of brown included.

Hopefully some of these colors inspire you!

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A great accent chair is an excellent way to complete your living space. I love the pattern found on this chair and it's affordable too!

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I love brown with pops of teal/light blue!!

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 I love the look of teal and brown

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I think some pink or blues will go good with the brown.

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Thing is you can put your own twist to his insistent browns.... do you have a wild side? Do you like animals? Do you have a knack for plants?  Add some green plants to the mix and have fun.

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Check out on Amazon and eBay they have some great decor products 

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