My twin toddlers are still on Similac Toddler formula Enfagrow. Where can I purchase this, as every store is out because they discontinued it?

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If you have Kroger they should still have it. The one here does:)

brooklinn11 3 years ago

Thank You I actually went to my local Kroger last night and found 4 cans for 7.49 a piece. For some reason it was discontinued


Mimaw of Twins! I love my boys....

Enfagrow is actually part of the Enfamil Formula line not Similac.  I checked their website and it does not appear it was discontinued, maybe they changed the packaging.  Here is the link for the web page  ENFAGROW.  Amazon does carry the entire Enfamil line including the Enfagrow.

brooklinn11 3 years ago

Thank You! I put the wrong name it's actually Go and Grow by Similac. 

Kim McPhee replied to 3 years ago

Thank You! I put the wrong name it's actually Go and Grow by Similac. 

@brooklinn11 I saw your comment above, I am glad you found it.  My twin grandsons are almost 7 months old and on Enfamil until next week when for some reason WIC is changing to Similac instead of Enfamil.  That outta be fun.

brooklinn11 3 years ago

Wow! My twins were changed from Similac Soy to Gerber Soy before they turned one. I also was a WIC participant.   


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