My 4 year old daughter has fine curly hair and it gets horrible tangles I use a good conditioner daily plus we use detangling spray in the morning before brushing but she still complains that it hurts because the tangles are so bad does anyone have any suggestions as to what else i could use?

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Maybe try a leave in conditioner,  here are a couple of Ideas  I hope they help

Mary Rice 3 years ago

Thank you! 

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Sharon shelton 3 years ago

You are very welcome

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my daughter has fine hair that tangles all the time. I use white vinegar. I just fill a spray bottle with half water and half vinegar. And vinegar smell disappears. 

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Wet Brush. (Sorry on my phone so I can't attach product link) My daughter has hair down to her knees and she would get terrible tangles. This has saved us!!!!

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