Shopswell Moderator Guide.

So you’ve been invited to be a Shopswell Moderator? Congratulations! First off, we’d like to sincerely thank you for helping make Shopswell the greatest and most helpful shopping community anywhere. People like you make Shopswell the great place that it is. Here is some important information about your role in our community...

What do I do as a moderator?

Shopswell moderators have the ability to:

  • Mark Questions off-topic
  • Edit Titles to make sure they are legible and understandable
  • Re-tag questions, articles, lists, and reviews to make sure they appear in the right places on the site.

How do I moderate things?

Everything on the site will have a little drop-down arrow to its upper-right. Simply click that arrow and as a moderator, you will have the option to edit that item or mark it as off-topic.

What is off-topic?

Shopswell is a community about shopping. When we launched Shopswell Questions, our intent was to let the community members help each other directly by providing great shopping advice and answers to shopping related questions. Most of the time, that’s exactly what questions are, but sometimes the community uses them just to keep in touch or have fun interesting conversations, and that’s great too! We just ask that any questions not related to shopping or products be marked off-topic.

Off-topic questions will appear in the feeds of anyone following the asker, and they will appear in the latest questions view. But they will not appear in the urgent questions or popular question lists, and they will not be featured anywhere else on the site. Also, activity that happens around off-topic questions is not eligible for Shopswell Rewards, so by moderating off-topic questions, you are helping to keep Rewards going to members who are helping shoppers rather than to non-shopping conversations.

What about questions and titles?

When you edit something, you also have the ability to edit the title or the question itself in the case of questions.

We just want titles and questions to be legible and clear. Please use your best judgement to fix obvious typos, grammar mistakes, and unclear phrasing. Try to preserve or clarify the original intent of the the title/question.

Titles should be properly cased. Please no ALLCAPS SCREAMING TITLES OR QUESTIONS.

Sometimes, when products are added from third-party sites, the titles are extremely long and stuffed with unnecessary keywords. Please feel free to clean these up as well to improve everyone’s experience on Shopswell.

How should I edit tags?

Everything should have at least one, but no more than three top-level tag so that it can appear in the right place on the site. For reference, these are the top-level tags: Arts & Crafts Audio & Home Theater Automotive Baby Beauty Books Clothing & Fashion Food & Drink Gift Ideas Health & Personal Care Home & Decor Jewelry Kitchen & Cooking Lawn & Garden Mobile & Tablets Movies & TV Music Musical Instruments Office Products Other Pets Photography Shoes Sports & Outdoors Tech & Gadgets Toys & Games Video Games & Apps Watches

Please just make sure that things are properly tagged and that tags aren’t being abused. As a moderator, you can add or remove tags. Just click the edit link from the moderator drop-down to add or remove tags.

Do I get anything for moderating?

We’ve set aside a special rewards pool just for moderators. If you decide to help moderate the site, we’ll contact you with a special thank you gift. Generally this will be in the form of a gift-card. These rewards will not be reflected in your earnings, but will happen as we see the great work that you’re doing.