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looking for nice wedding gift ideas?

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for a couple that has lived together for the past 4 years , and is now getting married in July

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Something personalized for both of them to use is always a great idea. Maybe a blanket with their last name or an engagement photo printed on it

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I like the personalized key holder with their married name.

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i personally think the best wedding gifts are gift cards. Visa ones or home depot something like that.

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He's Mine and She's Mine throw pillows - matching finger pointing 

Mommy to 3 awesome kids .. love crafts, beauty products and life in general. <3

I think a personalized photo album or frame would be nice.

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cook ware are always an good wedding gift.remember every one always love a good gift card.

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A spa bundle they can both appreciate or a gift voucher to an extraordinary eatery, or a one of a kind shop to pic something they might want however don't have. Expectation this makes a difference... for this typw of gifts should use custom printed boxes and here I personally recommend for the best custom printed designs jsut because I personally use these boxes to give gift to other. 

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I am looking forward to the good gift idea to send it to my friend on their wedding day, so suggest me the some unique idea related the wedding.buttetowing

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