Looking for creative ways to get my 3 year old involved in meal prep. Other then tearing lettuce, anyone have any neat gadgets or cookbooks they can recommend?

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I've been a work-at-home mom since 2001.

Three years old is still a little challenging. But here are a couple of ideas for you:



these cookbooks look amazing.  Will have to see if the library has one I can borrow before I buy.


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I watch kids for a living I let them scramble eggs in the morning with a wisk ! They help me make sandwiches by putting the peanut butter on the bread ! They help me put seasonings on dinner too !

I'm a single mom to a 10 yr old boy. I love getting out and trying new things.

They can learn their counting by putting the fruit into the containers. They can also help get things for you. 

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Cooking with little ones is a ton of fun .... Make up pasta dough ( flour, egg, maybe a drop of water ) and let them roll it out with a rolling pin.  Then they can help stuff their noodles with sauce, cheese, veggies ( if your lucky ) and you roll em up..add extra sauce n cheese on top and bake .... they can make their own pizzas with a bit of help and pretty much anything you just assemble and toss in a baking dish... green bean cassorole is always a favorite and they get to stir !  ( and make a bit of a mess .... it never all seems to stay in the dish ! ) 

Lol.  That I a learning.  It takes much longer to clean up then it used to.  Thanks for the great ideas. Mad never thought of green bean casserole.

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Autumn Handy 4 years ago

Old sheets on the floor to catch anything that drops and parchement paper under the bowls helps bunches ! 


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I like to have my son help me measure out ingredients. He truly enjoys it and I get all the help I need when cooking. 

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