Looking for a good romance series to read? I know I am, can you help me find one?

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This does not list a price but I know you can buy them like new on Amazon. This is a wonderful romance and mystery book that you won't want to stop reading once you start. 

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Pride and prejudice is one of the best books of romance! If you like classics it's great or if you just enjoy a good romance story. If you are looking for something more modern Fault in Our Stars by John Green is also a really good read. It really depends on what you are looking for in a romance book. 

Mimaw of Twins! I love my boys....

One of my favorite series of all time - Fern Michaels has a few great ones!

Texas series by Fern Michaels

  • 1. Texas Rich (1985)
  • 2. Texas Heat (1986)
  • 3. Texas Fury (1989)
  • 4. Texas Sunrise (1993)

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