Gel Pens Gel Pens

Gel Pens. I used to use them all the time when I was in High School. I remember we use to by the specific type of paper that was black that made the pens show up better. My Gel Pens always had Glitter in them. I love the Blue one because it just looks so cool on the black paper. Here is a great list of Gel Pens. I hope you like it.

Creative! 3 years ago

I love pens.

Alan Oliveira 3 years ago


Amy Greene 3 years ago

Great listĀ 

Ron RJ Rush 3 years ago

gel pens are amazing for arts and crafts

BETSYSGOLD 3 years ago

gel pens are fun to use

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Lori Oates 3 years ago

I use Gel Pens when I am doing some of my crafts. There are so many brilliant colors of gel pens now.

Alla Rada 3 years ago

I use gel pens daily

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Renita Perrone 3 years ago

I love gel pens. They write so smoothly. And the colors are fantastic. Such a wide variety and much more fun than a regular blue, black, or red ballpoint pen!

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maryanno 3 years ago

gel pens come in so many different colors great to use if you do a lot of arts and crafts love the ones that have glitterĀ 

Amy Deeter over 2 years ago

very nice