furby furby

Furbys I find them annoying. Kids love them though. My daughter has eight or nine of them. When they first came out she was addicted to getting them she just kept on and on collecting them. I just kept telling her no more and she would come home with another one. Here is a list of these things. I hope that you enjoy this list everyone. 

richelle leffler 4 years ago

cute list

Anne Farmer 4 years ago

Furby is adorable

Flo 4 years ago

looks great 

PINKYUNICORN 4 years ago

great list of furbys

Julie Healon 4 years ago

They are so much cuter now, than when I was a kid. 

Alan Oliveira 4 years ago

Awesome list!

PINKYUNICORN 4 years ago

great for furbys

Ron RJ Rush 4 years ago

these are very cute

BETSYSGOLD 4 years ago

too cute

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maryanno 4 years ago

oh whenthey first came out i bought one and still have it in it's orginal box