disney movies disney movies
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Renita Perrone over 3 years ago

Aristocats is one of my all-time favorite movies! But your list is missing Lady & The Tramp - one of my other favs!

Ron RJ Rush over 3 years ago

everyone loves disney movies and these are amazing

BETSYSGOLD over 3 years ago

i just love the disney movies who don't. this is a great list

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Lori Oates over 3 years ago

I so love all of these movies

hvh06010 over 3 years ago

these are all beloved classics and i know they will be enjoyed by many for years to come just as i did

Regina Owen over 3 years ago

I may be 47 but I still love a good Disney movie.

Shelby Kenney over 3 years ago

I love disney movies

Sarah over 3 years ago

Great list thank you for sharing