Books I Plan to (Eventually) Read Books I Plan to (Eventually) Read

Books I Plan to (Eventually) Read

list by Sondra
sign4baby over 4 years ago
Wow, there are so many books on here that I want to pick up right now!
Daniel Bogart over 4 years ago
lots of good stuff! just because i can't pass up an opportunity to recommend it, one well worth a read is Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts.
Jennifer Hughes 4 years ago

Amazing List

krystal 4 years ago

I loved the books I want to read all

Debbie Anderson 4 years ago

I got Station Eleven for Christmas! I'll let you know how it is... And House of Leaves is amazing. Weird but totally absorbing.

Shelby M 4 years ago

My "To-Read" list just got a lot longer!! Great picks! 

Eldorado 4 years ago

wow awesome list

Pablito Neme 4 years ago

Awesome list.

Nicole Dake 4 years ago

This is a great list of book suggestions, thank you!

Kirkwood807 8 months ago

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