Improve Your Wifi at Home - Top New Routers in 2016

Improve Your Wifi at Home - Top New Routers in 2016

Improve Your Wifi at Home - Top New Routers in 2016

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First, you have to get over the fact that the cable companies give you crappy, OEM technology.  At some point, it will come home to roost that this just leads to increased costs and service calls. I guess someone there thinks it also encourages people to pay for more bandwidth. Sad. 

Anyway, these routers aren’t cheap, but if you’re struggling with speed, or congestion caused by too many devices in your home connecting to your crappy OEM modem from the cable company, then it might be worth checking these puppies out. 

I own the Eero which is fresh this year, and it has transformed our home networking experience. More devices, more bandwidth, less fails. I have 2, and the second one is used by my teen who is essentially on YouTube 100% of the time. They work seamlessly together. So it is road tested, and I’m a happy camper. 

These others are getting critical attention too, and are worth checking out. 

Here is a good review of the Eero. He points out that there is signal drop off from node to node, and that this fact compromises the value. Honestly for our family, it’s been a life saver, so I think it’s worth the dough, but only you know your pain. :) 

Next, the Portal takes a new innovative approach to managing traffic, and is specially tuned for gaming.

And then there is the new Keewifi is a new, less expensive product than the Eero that promises similar ease of set up, high quality, and additionally removes the need for tracking a plethora of garbaldy-gook passwords. Devices can tap for access and readily connect, which is pretty cool. 

And finally there is Torch, which allows you to create rules around online activities for your kids, and ensure they’re followed. Note, the Torch is pretty new, in that it isn't even available on Amazon yet, just FYI

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