Four of the Top Motorcycle Helmets of the Year: Review

Four of the Top Motorcycle Helmets of the Year: Review

Four of the Top Motorcycle Helmets of the Year: Review

list by mark

A ‘sparky’ video buying guide to top full face helmets, with experienced recommendations across a range of brands, and price points. 

I love that he calls the HJC RPHA-10, a ‘giant middle finger’ to some of the larger helmet manufacturers, and then backs it up with a solid value-for-money argument. Safety, ventilation, visibility, solid fit & design. Can get a little stuffy if you’re hitting a lot of lights in the city. 

Next, he does a fantastic job of falling in love with the retro, 70s design of the Biltwell Gingo. It fits one size too large. Kind of loud, but perfect for city. 

The Bell Qualifier gets top marks for a value priced helmet. He thinks it fits the best of any of the helmets. Slightly clunky shield movement, and it’s a noisy helmet. 

Icon Variant looks badass, and is his personal favorite. You just have to listen to his enthusiasm! 

Fun, helpful review.

Fortnine is an awesome biking channel on YouTube, which has more than 40,000 subscribers and has earned more than 3M views.
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feluzolari over 1 year ago

Wearing the Helmets while riding the bike is very strictly ordered by the traffic police and my helmet have multi options to connect the phone with it and no need to take off the helmet when I get call. My helmet I have been purchased from website with the money back guarantee.

kevinosbern 10 months ago

I have used Bell qualifier and HJC RPHA-10 helmets. In my opinion, Bell qualifier is the real star among all these four. It is the value for money type helmet which comes at a really [url=]walking tours in Amsterdam[/url] affordable price range. And it does have the quality to compete with most of the bigger brands.