Beautiful Postcards Beautiful Postcards

Postcards are so unique because they come from all over . There are many different kinds that you can get. You can even collect and trade them with others. Postcards from days gone by are a great way to see the past. Wildlife, flowers, and so much more. I don't collect them but I may start.

Judy Norris 4 years ago

Postcards are nice to send and collect. Which one do you like the best ?

Ron RJ Rush 4 years ago

nice item

BETSYSGOLD 4 years ago

nice item

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Lori Oates 4 years ago

I so remember collecting postcards from every where we went when I was younger. I wish I still had them

Creative! 4 years ago

I really do enjoy snail  mail. This is a great reminder to send something to the grandkids.

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maryanno 4 years ago

post cards are a fun hobby to collect  cards for all over the world and usa

Amy Deeter 4 years ago

very nice 

Ron RJ Rush 4 years ago

these are very nice postcards

Alla Rada 4 years ago

what a neat collection