fans fans

A device used for cooling themselves down when they feel hot, especially:

1. A machine using an electric motor to rotate vanes in order to move air for cooling.

2. A tool whose shape is usually long triangle or semicircle is made of feathers, leaves, paper, cloth, etc. people usually wave it lightly in a hand to create a cooling current of air.

An electric fan

Pedestal Fan

Various types of fans and their characteristics[2]

  • Table Fans: small size, appropriate for personal space, cheap price, economical cooling
  • Pedestal Fans: height can be changed, provide powerful air
  • Window Fans: save space, bring in fresh air
  • Wall Mount Fans: save space, offer more air, suit for industrial environment
  • Floor Fans: offer more air, save space, suit for offices and warehouses
  • Tower Fans: small space, vertical shape, quiet
  • Ceiling Fans: on the ceiling, have a lot of styles to match room's decoration
  • Box Fans: flexible, suit for various need of rooms
  • Misting Fans: suit for outside areas
  • Industrial Fans and Blowers: made of durable metal or steel
  • Decorative Fans: has a lot of different styles
  • Bathroom Exhaust Fans: used in bathroom, prevent from excess moisture
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