Kissable Toes Kissable Toes
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Kissable Toes

list by Joni Hoffman

There is one part of our body that is used so very often but hardly do we notice when the skin there needs treated. The feet are the one thing we have to depend on as much as the most cared for things. I love when my feet are spared the pain and can feel so nice and moisturized. To go for the treat that makes me happy, is not such a hard thing to do and it doesn't have to cost very much to do it. No need to go to a pedicurist when you can do it at home for so much less and you can feel just as good. Here are some great ways to do it.

bbender67 over 3 years ago

Always great to take time out for our feet. As we are on them so much they deserve the attention probably more than ever. These are some great items

Judy Norris over 3 years ago

I need to try the moisturizing socks because my feet and heels stay dry and rough.

Ashley Nicole over 3 years ago

great ittems love sally hansen nail polish